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Saturday, November 22, 2008


"My boyfrenz is type-B stars 2 young celebrities Lee Dong- geon n Han Ji-hye. It brings to the surface trendy issues among youth such as character test an the prejudices of blood type-B men, and develops fun episodes featuring the young stars.Lee Dong-geon plays a B-type young businessman, who put high priority in looking stylish; although he lives in sweet-rooms, he instist on driving a sports car. This movie is the only Romantic Comedy that can bring such a varied audience, from teenager to the elderly. He the type of guy who leaves his girlfrenz in his car so that he dosent hav 2 pay d on street parking fee. His idea of a gift is a walkie talkie set,so he can reach her at his convinent as quickly as possible.He shop for what he want 1st, but makes her pay. Then he drives her crazy by asking her ever so innocently." should we break it off, then?????"

I put the url 4 this movie:-