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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I need A time!!!!

Tension!!!!! Tension!!! Tension!!! xde sape bole tulun aku kcuali lecturer ak!!!
uhuhu...Aku nk msa yg lbih utk menyiapkan Kids Educational Program ak...Ari kames dh kna tunjuk 3rd presentation(100%)..

Masalah yg aku hadapi:

1. xtau cmne nk insert music n video...
2. blom rakam sore..l
3. aku wat button sendiri n layout sendir..(bnyk abes msa kat ctu)
4. Kadang2 bla msuk coding jadik debug..(kat database register student)uhuhu
5. xckp msa n kna bg msa...
6.kna kongsi laptop ngn adek setiap hari...
7. lain-lain

Kalo xde test sok xpe..myb bole siap...tapii sok ade test Archive yg kna study sampai week 11..huhhh...bnyk gler...saba2..dugaan mggu ni..mggu ni bg kami mmg ack gler laa..abes sume aktiviti klass dbtalkan..uhuhu..xpe susah dlu..senang kemudian..heee..naikkn semangat btol x juju sayang???

p/s:nk jumpe en isma bljr ape yg xtau lg..n hopefully VB kami akan siap skrg2nya 70% -80%..Amin....


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